Reblog if a teacher has ever


Bullied you, talked to you like you were stupid, , made you feel uncomfortable, offended you, harassed you, made you feel like you were dumb, made fun of you, ignored you, or talked down to you

Im trying to prove a point to my father that teachers can be as hurtful as the students

When I was in band I had a teacher who used to tell me that he hated me, and even when my instrument was clearly broken, he told me that it wasn’t working because I don’t know what I’m doing. Another girl asked him later about hers and he looked at it and told her what needed fixing. He also took my clarinet away because I was having trouble learning which note is which letter, because I memorized the buttons with the sound they made, and it worked just fine for me when we recited songs and such. One day when he’d taken it away I fell asleep in my chair and he had some kid ring something in my ears at the end of the song they were playing and my head shot up and everybody laughed at me for it. Other kids told me that he said he’d done it because he thought I was an idiot and wanted to get me to leave the class, by humiliating me. After that he began calling me hateful names and every time I had a question he made some joke about how stupid I was and it really hurt me… I was barely even 12 years old.

Just be honest with me or stay away from me. It’s not that difficult.
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that’s about as metal as a rainbow is ever gonna get. 

Bitch that’s not a rainbow. It’s a motherfucking force field.



okay, i’m not looking for a fight, i just really want to understand. how is drew the problem in eclare’s relationship? (just to be clear: i do not like clew, AT ALL, cause it’s impossible for drew to get over his ex-fiance so fast and they’re changing two characters into two completely different…